We often get asked about our hardware designs. Please contact us for further detail.

Navigation lights

An original design with a distinct nod to period Bosch automobile lights. These lights are made to order and available in different size/colour, with the option of a battery powered flagstaff unit.

Collapsible oars

The perfect solution should you forget to charge the batteries, these stowable two-piece oars will get you out of trouble without compromising on the look and usability of your vessel.

Combination throttle & steering wheel

First used in trophy winner Badger, this one handed design incorporates a potentiometer operated throttle with multiple detent positions and a wire rope steering drum.

Rim size and timber specced to suit.

Rowlock Socket

Side mount so not to weaken the gunwale. Bored to fit a variety of off-the shelf rowlocks.

Filler cap style charging socket

Hide away your systems with this humorous fuel filler cap - Cap is tethered to the collar. Fits Victron shore power cables, fully sealed.

Ash hoodsticks

For a few years now we have been supplying ash bent hoodsticks to the classic car world, made to order.