Having the river Thames on our doorstep gives us a special connection to its wildlife and seasonal changes. Much of our work focuses on the past - the unique history of a vessel or the techniques of previous craftspeople - and we are committed to a more sustainable future. 

We were delighted to have our work recognised at Thames Traditional Boat Festival 2022, receiving both first and second for our electric boats in which we incorporated electric systems with sensitivity to historic vessels. 

Boatbuilder Jack Livesey

Case study: Wood restoration

Being primarily wooden boat builders, how we source wood is a major consideration. Presently we are using more and more reclaimed timber; because the quality tends to be far superior compared to readily available stock and we feel it reduces our impact on forests and woodland. 

During this process we have found that the story inherent to reclaimed timber is as much a draw as the quality of the wood itself. 

Therefore a small repair or complete rebuild are but a step in a vessel's history. Connecting an object to the journey of another adds a layer of interest that really drives us. For example Badger's decks and wheel are made from her own thwarts, as well as mahogany from boats Peter Nell, Jomarna, and Goelette.

This approach has developed into a practice where we consider sourcing or using reclaimed wood wherever possible. It has brought us to some strange and distant places! Reclaimed wood is not perfect and there is something special about machining life into material which might otherwise be overlooked.

If this interests you, please keep in touch because our upcoming restoration of Esperanza will be 100% reclaimed!