Notable projects include:

2022 You-You 

Bugatti replicas

Four replicas of a range of launches originally built in the 1940s. Constructed from two layers of mahogany planking and splined fir decking with electric propulsion system.


1940s Electric Launch

Redesign and restoration including 12 steamed ribs, new decks, systems and interior refit. WINNER of 2022 Thames Trad Boat Festival Simmonds trophy!


1950s Canoe Stern

Major deck repairs, upgrade to contemporary classic monocoque deck and brightwork colour restoration.


1930s Open Launch

Re-establish true and original shape for complete rebuild: centreline replacement including deadwood redesign and engine rebuild.


Dee-Wite runabout

Structural stiffening and re-riveting, new hardware and general TLC. Subsequently won Best Foreign Boat at the BCMBR Windermere rally 2023! 

Long Reach

Andrews Slipper Launch

Complete colour scrape and brightwork restoration.

1937 Jomarna

Chris-Craft DCEB 

Significant hull restoration including frames, seam batons, planking, chines, stem and keel.

1938 Anamac

Chris-Craft DCEB 

Structural restoration, foredeck recaulking and remaking of the signature Chris-Craft hatch.

2015 Burlington

Switzercraft Hydroplane

New build Burlington is based on a 1952 Switzercraft hydroplane racer. Reimagined as a fast 3 seater, with aluminum bucket seats trimmed in marine leather for superb comfort.

1954 Elizabeth_R

Ex Looe Hireboat

Major structural restoration, new decks, interior and engine install.

new in

Swedish Canoe Stern

Major structural restoration and cabin redesign pending.

1898 Esperanza

 Saloon Launch

Our ongoing restoration project is the 1898 Saloon Launch Esperanza. Watch this space for further updates.

A variety of general repairs from over the years.

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